Ashtanga Yoga

Christine was drawn to yoga for the deep spiritual connection she felt when practicing.  Though she chose a very physical style of yoga, what attracted her was a strong feeling of something really magical and authentic.  

She felt a realisation of her own power and potential and a profound sense of wellbeing.

Later, when she began AcroYoga, she discovered a way to connect with others and further improve communication and trust.  She is driven by a desire to support others on their journey and help them discover their infinite potential. 

"The boat is safest when it is in the port, but that is not what boats were built for."
Paulo Coelho

Ashtanga Yoga

Students follow a set sequence of postures each time, gradually progressing through the series. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga emphasises the linking of movement and breath (vinyasa), Ujjayi breathing and bandhas (energy locks).

The Ashtanga Yoga Classes are guided by the teacher but not everything is demoed so some experience and knowledge of the sequence is required to join this class.

Yoga & Acrobatic Conditioning

The Yoga and Acrobatic Conditioning is a blend of yoga, fitness, acrobatics conditioning and Pilates.  It is designed to give a strong body that is also flexible.  Some experience of yoga/fitness is advised.

What Others Say


What can I say only I ♥ Christine and her classes! She's my kinda teacher, super natural, no fuss and an amazing woman to practice with. She's completely changed my yoga perseption for the better and I've learned so much from her about both the mental and physical elements of practice. I've attended her Morocco retreat also and it was so well run, flawless and such a great week. I always highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to explore yoga and improve so many aspects of both your physical and mental wellbeing.



Having practiced with Ashtanga Yoga Limerick for over a year now I can definitely recommend it. Christine has spent many years studying and teaching yoga and this really comes across in class. She creates a very safe environment where her students are encouraged to develop their practice at a pace suitable for each individual.


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Christine McNally

Christine is from Limerick originally. She first discovered yoga in her final year at university and it made her realize how stressed she was!  After her finishing her studies, she went to live on the beautiful island of Lanzarote.  There, she tried her first Ashtanga yoga class.  It was at this time that she also started meditation.  She lived on the island for several years before living a more nomadic life for a couple of years and then eventually returning to her native city in 2013 and setting up Ashtanga Yoga Limerick.  She has travelled to India four times to study yoga.  Her love of education and travel has led her to train in many different types of yoga (Yin; Restorative; Kids’ Yoga; Aerial; AcroYoga) as well as pilates and Thai and Ayurvedic massage.  The different approaches have allowed her to enrich her teaching. 

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